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September 2017

Episode 3 : Questions you need to ask yourself when you think you have made it

Our mission is to challenge you enough and provide you with questions and tools that will help you take your success to the next level. In today Podcast, Hermann  H. CAKPO is ; discussing for [...]

Episode 2 : 7 habits and characteristics of business builders

It’s not the smartest people who are the most successful people. Success depends on your mindset and your habits. If you have the right mindset and habits you can become a successful person. In today’s [...]

Episode 1 : The 3 challenges of the next level business success

We love builders and it is our mission to inspire and develop as many builders as possible through coaching and training. In today’s Podcast, Corneille Towendo and Hermann H. CAKPO addressing for you the 3 [...]