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The Blessing Time Ep 4 : The Power of The Connected Day : 5 ways to do something about your dreams every day

Every day is a life. If you want to make your life a masterpiece, the secret is in your ability to make everyday a masterpiece. How do you do that? By practicing the power of the connected day and making sure that the accomplishment of your dream appears in your daily agenda… Most of the time, we may have nice [...]

5 delusional desires people falsely take for dreams to pursue

Everybody has a dream, a personal legend to find and pursue. And Paulo Coelho was right when he said that the purpose of live is to accomplish one's personal legend. But not everything you desire to be, do and have is your personal legend. Make sure you don't confuse following desires with good dreams to accomplish. 1. THE DESIRE TO [...]

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The Blessing Time Podcast Ep 3 : From ORDINARY to LEGENDARY LIFE : 5 things you need to start doing

"To realise one's personal legend is one's true obligation",(Paulo Coelho). No one has decided that you will definitely end up living an ordinary life. You can get back to what you have always dreamed of doing and do it wholeheartedly and exceptionally. In this new episode of THE BLESSING TIME Podcast, you will discover the 5 things you need to start [...]

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Always take every provocation as a test of maturity, "When a mad person picks your clothes while you are taking a bath in the river, don't run after him "naked" or people will take you for the new mad person of the village", I've heard from an Ivorian comedian few years ago. Since then, I will always consider every person [...]

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These 21 habits will change your life in 2018

Is it true that we prefer to admire and cite the leaders in reference that we are ready to fight to become great leaders ourselves? Possible!And yet becoming a leader is well within the reach of all. It's just a question of habits. From the moment we become what we do most of the time, it is possible to re-establish [...]

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The Secrets to BIG ACHIEVEMENTS In 2018

The point is always made during our reviews whenever it comes to explaining why a target has not been : "Have we ever made the decision to do all we must do to meet the target?". During my 15 business experience, I don't remember the last time I could say I gave all I could and did not achieve any [...]

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