5 delusional desires people falsely take for dreams to pursue

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5 delusional desires people falsely take for dreams to pursue

Everybody has a dream, a personal legend to find and pursue. And Paulo Coelho was right when he said that the purpose of live is to accomplish one’s personal legend.

But not everything you desire to be, do and have is your personal legend. Make sure you don’t confuse following desires with good dreams to accomplish.


It might be very frustrating to see that many people are ahead of you in your field or any other field. You may want to catch up and surpass them to show the world that I you are better than them or you have some value…

But you pursuing your personal legend should not be just a question of beating someone else or showing that you can be, do and have more than him/her. You have something special for the world,which is more worth pursuing than wanting to show that you are better than someone else.


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  • There is nothing noble about trying to be better than someone else. True novelty is about becoming better today than yesterday. Find your personal legend and accomplish it. Set records and beat them again and again and you will end up becoming a legend


    There’s a difference between marketing and manipulation.

    Marketing is about bringing value to people who truly need it for the value in it. Manipulation is about sensationally urging people to appreciate and pay their time and money for a value you don’t have or they don’t need or are not going to get. The truth is that the first person who knows you are worthless is yourself. And you will find no fulfilment until you get back to what you have special for the world : finding and pursuing your personal legend.

    Remember : If you don’t appear as who you are, people will end up liking who you are not.

    Dare to be authentic. Dare to follow your true passion and personal legend. The True value of à dream is in its ability to bring a meaningful value to the world and leaving the world better than you have found it.


    Sometimes, when you ask people what their dreams are, some will list all the things they want to have in their life. Most of the time, it’s all about material things. There is nothing bad about desiring material possessions.

    But, please don’t leave your real dreams for material possessions. Your dreams have something special for you and for the world . And you will end up becoming rich if you focus on what you know you always wanted to be,have and do in your life and career.

    If your dreams are just about money you are probably not going to make and accumulate it sustainably

    Remember : There’s no moving car in a funeral procession . You will leave all your belongings here so don’t sacrifice what you should become for what you are accumulating


    They say frustration is a good reason to take charge of one’s life and become a better person, do better things with big and valuable achievements. That’s true.

    But your frustration is not going to be healed because you ended up taking your revenge. Your life cannot be just be about taking a circumstantial revenge.You are here for a better and more valuable purpose

    You are here to shine and do great things…not to just take a revenge. Go back to the dreams and things you wanted to be, do and have before getting frustrated. Life is not about revenge. It’s is about contributing and bringing value to the nations’s concert, for your good and expected music to be heard. It’s about being, doing and have what you were entitled to be, do and have.

    In case you may want to reduce your life to take a revenge, please ask yourself : ” What would I do once I killed or won them all?”. Chances are you will find yourself empty and worthless.


    One day, I asked a lady what her dream in life was : “Marring a white man and going to Europe”. The answer shocked me and opened my mind to how people are able to bank their own success on someone else’s success.

    If your dream is to marry a prince for you to be part of a royal family, okay no challenge. But you have to challenge yourself as to why you should do that. If your only desire is to take part to their glory, you will end up being very unhappy.

    Banking and hanging on someone else’s success to become successful is like you don’t believe you can be successful by yourself.

    But the worst thing in it is the fact that you will give up your true dreams and forget your true values and passions for a delusional life. Some places, environments and conditions can ease your success in life and career. But only your personal legend, your true passion will give you a fulfilled life

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