The Blessing Time Podcast Ep 3 : From ORDINARY to LEGENDARY LIFE : 5 things you need to start doing

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The Blessing Time Podcast Ep 3 : From ORDINARY to LEGENDARY LIFE : 5 things you need to start doing

“To realise one’s personal legend is one’s true obligation”,(Paulo Coelho). No one has decided that you will definitely end up living an ordinary life. You can get back to what you have always dreamed of doing and do it wholeheartedly and exceptionally.

In this new episode of THE BLESSING TIME Podcast, you will discover the 5 things you need to start doing to become a legendary person :


They you used to say that ‘Sky is the limit” and the best thing you can do to yourself is to stop thinking that what is possible for others  is not possible for you. It’s not a question of you trying to play a “me-too game”, it’s a question of allowing yourself to think and dare greatly.Remember, there is no limit to what you can accomplish apart from the limit you are setting to yourself.


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    You know, there is no miracle when it’s come to accomplishing your personal legend. You just have to get back to what you have always dreamed of being, doing and have and start working toward its achievement. The difference between people who become legendary and the other ones is the fact that the legends spend their day and time on what they have always dreamed of while the others try to get a salary to feed their family while they keep on dreaming without doing something about their real dreams.

    Please, don’t be a part-time dreamer…Go all in and you will end up get what you need to feed your family. Remember : life is generous to those who pursue their personal legend (Paulo Coelho.


    It takes a day to become a legend. Take Rosa Park for example, it just took her a single and an act of courage to become a legend and remember-able for years to come. So if you can show your power and dedication everyday and do what you believe in in an exceptional way, you will become a legend too.

    Geniuses don’t always create only great things but because they are massively productive and produce something everyday that is connected to what they wanted to be, do and have in their lives, they ended up coming with exceptional products, results, habits and attitudes that make them exceptional and famous.


    There is no such thing like wanting to accomplish your personal legend and giving up or doing a runner every time you have an obstacle on your way. You will waste your chances and times if you give up every time. The one thing that you must be prepared for is the fact that it is going to be difficult. But the best thing you can do is to always say to yourself that you have made a good decision by following your dreams.

    Anyway, if you don’t haunt for your dreams, they will haunt you all your life long – especially when you will meet people who will be doing and getting what you have always dreamed to be, do and have. Don’t let another person accomplish what you have been entitled to : your personal legend.


    Always ask yourself on a daily basis : “What can I do today to make step forward on the way to accomplishment of my personal legend?”. Set your goals, list your daily actions and focus on doing what you have to do to move forward to the accomplishment of your dreams.

    If it takes 10,000 actions to accomplish one of your project or dream and you take an action every day, you will complete it within 10,000 days. Guess if you take 10 actions everyday? You will accomplish your dream within 3 years. You see? Do something about your dreams everyday. Take legendary actions and you will end up becoming a legend.

    Focus on your duty and listen not to naysayers. It’s not what they are saying that is important but every single step you take towards the accomplishing of your personal legend.

    By Blessing Marie TAHI & Hermann H. CAKPO

    Blessing Marie TAHI is an Economist, coach and leadership specialist based in Accra, Ghana. She is the Country Manager of H&C GHAHA, member of The H&C Group. She is is also the founder of ” Successful Women” Platform, a platform she is using coach, encourage and motivate young women to be more impactful and influential in their societies. Follow her on Facebook !

    Hermann H. CAKPO is coach, co-founder of The H&C Group and author of 42 books. During the past 15 years he has coached and trained leaders, Top Managers, business executives and entrepreneurs throughout Africa (Cameroun, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Senegal, Niger, Togo, Chad, DRC…) with a real african perspective…and a pragmatic approach…

    Société Générale, African Union (AU), The World Bank/IFC, MTN, Millicom/TIGO, Sos Kindersdorf International, The World Food Program, Saham Insurance, Etisalat, Total, Diamond Bank, NSIA, Activa, Total, CFAO, ORYX ENERGIES, PUMA ENERGIES, Bayer Crops Science, Bank of Africa, AttijariWarfa Bank, Ecobank, BNP PARIBAS, Menzies are among the clients of The H&C Group…Follow him on Linkedin !


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