The Blessing Time : Ep 2 : It takes leadership to become successful in Business and life

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The Blessing Time : Ep 2 : It takes leadership to become successful in Business and life


It takes leadership to be successful person. You may have heard it before : It takes a team to achieve a dream. So If you have goals, dreams and a vision you want to make come true, make sure you develop your leadership skills. Why? Because you will reach a certain level on the process where you will need a team. And no one can succeed with a team and achieve if he/she does become an excellent leader. Click above to play the Podcast or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD !

1. Forget about your position and work on your attitude and disposition

When you lead based on your position and privileges, you only get from people what they are obliged to do. Guess what, it’s very difficult to get the maximum performance from a team with a minimum commitment. If you want your team to be more committed, become the most committed person you know. Put on your top agenda the necessity to invest in your relationship with them.

2. Do more than what you are “professionally” expected to do

Most managers/leaders are very professional. They just do what any very professional person will do and expect their team will do the same; which is normal. But what can you achieve with people who come at 9 AM and are in hurry to leave at 5 PM? They are just accomplishing their “Professional” duty. Why? Because you are just accomplishing your “Professional” duty.


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  • There is a kind of reciprocity when it comes to being an influential leader : People will do for you what you do for them. If you do more than what you are obliged to do, they will do for you more than what they are obliged to do.

    3. Deliver what you are expecting from others (lead by example)

    People do what they see and respect people who deliver high-level results. No one will respect a leader with poor discipline, lack of commitment and low-level performance…

    You have to be so good that when they see you doing it,, they will say : “Oh ! She/he is so impressive. I wanna be like him/her”

    4. Build the system/formula and train them with the system for them they can deliver the result you are expecting from them

    Don’t give instructions and directions and wait. You have to make sure you’re providing your people with an effective formula/system for them to deliver what you are expecting. And you have to train and coach them on the system/formula. We will not make them effective and performing by just pointing the direction. Take time to show them how to use the formula/system, coach them and stay with them until they can deliver without you.

    5. Invest in your people more than anybody else

    You know you are the leader of one person when, talking about you, that person can say,: “I don’t think I could be who I’m today and do all the things I have done if it’s not because of his/her support, coaching and mentoring”. Respect and obedience is the debt people pay to the person who has invested in them, helped them grow, cared for them and provided for them in their life and career,more than any body else.

    Do we need to reach that level of investment with everybody? Of course, if we want to lead them successfully.

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    By Blessing Marie TAHI & Hermann H. CAKPO

    Blessing Marie TAHI is an Economist, coach and leadership specialist based in Accra, Ghana. She is the Country Manager of H&C GHAHA, member of The H&C Group. She is is also the founder of ” Successful Women” Platform, a platform she is using coach, encourage and motivate young women to be more impactful and influential in their societies. Follow her on Facebook !

    Hermann H. CAKPO is coach, co-founder of The H&C Group and author of 42 books. During the past 15 years he has coached and trained leaders, Top Managers, business executives and entrepreneurs throughout Africa (Cameroun, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Senegal, Niger, Togo, Chad, DRC…) with a real african perspective…and a pragmatic approach…

    Société Générale, African Union (AU), The World Bank/IFC, MTN, Millicom/TIGO, Sos Kindersdorf International, The World Food Program, Saham Insurance, Etisalat, Total, Diamond Bank, NSIA, Activa, Total, CFAO, ORYX ENERGIES, PUMA ENERGIES, Bayer Crops Science, Bank of Africa, AttijariWarfa Bank, Ecobank, BNP PARIBAS, Menzies are among the clients of The H&C Group…Follow him on Linkedin !


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