The Secrets to BIG ACHIEVEMENTS In 2018

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The Secrets to BIG ACHIEVEMENTS In 2018

The point is always made during our reviews whenever it comes to explaining why a target has not been : “Have we ever made the decision to do all we must do to meet the target?”. During my 15 business experience, I don’t remember the last time I could say I gave all I could and did not achieve any goal.

You may have heard this before : Massive actions never cheat. You cannot do all you must do and miss your target. You can perhaps say you need more time but it’s impossible to do all it takes and fail

Every time we fail, we fail because we have not done all it takes. When a teammate comes to me and says : “I did all I could but it did not work” , I always give the same answer : “Congrats. You did all you could but not all it takes”.

The possibility to stick to it, do all it takes and ending up making it is a blessing for all adventurous. I don’t know about you and I don’t know how hungry you are to achieve your life and business goals, your daily, monthly or yearly goals  – but every time I do the following, I always end up achieving my goals

1. Make the decision to do it


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  • Let me make it clear : When I say “The decision to do it”,  I’m not talking about wishes, desires, resolutions or whatever. I’m talking about actions, that is You cathing yourself doing it. When you tell me that you have made a decision to attain a goal, I will certainly ask you : “How decisive is your decision?” . Because if you have made the decision but you are not acting, your decision is not going to be decisive.

    So if you have definitely decided to achieve any of your goals, you must see yourself working with dedication toward its achievement or you have not made the decision yet ! Correct?

    Decision = Action…And “The decision to do it” equals “You’re are doing it”

    2. Make the decision to prioritize it

    We all knows it now.” The do-list are very effective as a strategy for whoever is seeking some “good time management plan”. But for great achievers and ultra-performers it’s not the most important list. Their most important list is : The “Not to do list”. Your “To do list” cannot harm your productivity. But if you catch yourself doing things which have nothing to do with your most important goals, you can wait for the next year to put them on your resolutions list, as usual.

    When you say it’s important for you make it a priority and do it all until exhaustion or before you do anything else.

    3. Make the decision to dedicate all  your available resources to it

    If you do not have enough resources , I will share with you a farming strategy I’ve learnt from my grandma : “If you don’t have enough water, don’t plant too much tomatoes. The drought will kill them all”.

    Let me take it another way : “One thing at the same time, and with all we have : money, time and energy”. And please it’s your goals so you cannot be greedy at your own expenses. If you have any goal that you really want to achieve, give it all you have. I never try to save money or energy when I’m working on a goal of mine. The only thing I need to save is the goal so I go all in and give it all I have. Give your goals all you have.

    4. Make decision to stop doing everything else and exclusively and minutely dedicate your time to it

    Last October, a friend of mine gave me a challenging call : ” Hey Hermann, I was considering writing my second book. I think I will need your help. How much time do you think we will need to finish it? “. I did not even take my time to ask the number of page or the to topic. I’ve just answered : “5 days. Let’s 7 days. But please, we stop everything, switch of our phones, we close the doors and let people in only to let them deliver our lunch and dinner”. He bought the idea. We started a Friday by 4 PM. The following Wednesday at 5 PM (5.5 days later), we were done. 147 pages in A4 format.

    Do really want to achieve that goal? Here we go : Do it exclusively and dedicate all your available resources to it. It’s the law of Exclusive Dedication and investment. I’ve used to write and publish 42 books, start and grow 25 companies all over Africa and in the United States.

    5. Make the decision to keep on doing it until you make it

    So the doors were closed. The phones switched off and we were working on the book. Was it hard and painful? Of course ! Did any time come when we were tempted to allow ourselves to go to business as usual? Of course. But the rules were clear : We stick to it until we make it .

    Life is hard, isn’t it? But it’s life. And achieving your goals with full dedication is the hardest thing I know. But with passion and endurance, it’s typically rewarding at the end. But see what : If you cannot stick to it until you make it you are not passionate enough about it and you don’t want it enough. That’s all.

    Hermann H. CAKPO is coach, co-founder of The H&C Group and author of 42 books. During the past 15 years he has coached and trained leaders, Top Managers, business executives and entrepreneurs throughout Africa (Cameroun, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Senegal, Niger, Togo, Chad, DRC…) with a real african perspective…and a pragmatic approach…

    Société Générale, African Union (AU), The World Bank/IFC, MTN, Millicom/TIGO, Sos Kindersdorf International, The World Food Program, Saham Insurance, Etisalat, Total, Diamond Bank, NSIA, Activa, Total, CFAO, ORYX ENERGIES, PUMA ENERGIES, Bayer Crops Science, Bank of Africa, AttijariWarfa Bank, Ecobank, BNP PARIBAS, Menzies are among the clients of The H&C Group…Follow him on Linkedin !


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