These 21 habits will change your life in 2018

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These 21 habits will change your life in 2018

Is it true that we prefer to admire and cite the leaders in reference that we are ready to fight to become great leaders ourselves? Possible!And yet becoming a leader is well within the reach of all. It’s just a question of habits. From the moment we become what we do most of the time, it is possible to re-establish ourselves to a very high standard of excellence and then work to achieve it.

People who achieve exceptional performance have developed habits that daily make their excellence and progress on most people a reality.Anyone can work to appropriate these habits and become a leader of legend and reference.

1. The habit of holding a secret plan of excellence.

To make a difference, you have to aim for something a little bit more crazy and a bit more personal than most people, a secret plan of excellence. The other name of the secret plan of excellence is the dream of great achievements.The great leaders of all times keep in their minds, this will and this determination to achieve something that no one will have realized before. Do you have such a secret plan that is important to you?

2. The habit of shaping your personal architecture.

You are the architect of your life and you give shape since a long time by the thoughts, the feelings, the visions, your philosophy, your way of doing, your way of speaking, your habits, your resentments …High-performance leaders improve the quality of their results through the quality of their choice and their habits. They know that man is the product of his habits of thought and action so they pay attention to what they think and do.

3. The habit of optimizing your inner alignment and synchronization.


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  • You accelerate the execution speed of your goals when you get in perfect alignment with your ambitions. The high-performance leaders know that it is when one succeeds in making faith grow in one’s dreams that miracles are accomplished.So, they spend a lot of time working on their ability to live up to their dreams.

    4. The habit of remembering your “whys”

    Most people give up when difficulties arise. The truth is that they do it because they forget the purpose of their engagement. Leaders who do exceptional things never lose sight of their “why”, the reasons they first started.

    5.The habit of igniting your passion and commitment.

    There are specific exercises to keep your passion level high and excel more than anyone else. The high-performance leaders know that you do not keep your energy level high because you want it. That’s why they do specific exercises to never lower their level of enthusiasm.

    6. The habit of strategically allocating your emotional energy.

    High-performance leaders know that you increase your chances of becoming high-performing when you focus exclusively on your priority goals.Like entrepreneurs, they do not let themselves be contaminated by everything going on around them. They choose exclusively to put their energy in the way and the reason for being who are theirs.

    7. The habit of applying the law of exclusive dedication and investment.

    The Ultra-performers and leaders know that it’s the garden we care about that thrives. Once they have identified their garden to cultivate, they exclusively allocate them the resources they have, putting on stand-by other goals, all work ceasing, and reaching their goals a little earlier than everyone else.

    8. The habit of strategically choosing your circle of excellence.

    All sectors and all environments do not promote excellence. You must strategically choose those that improve your chances of success. High-performance leaders do not hesitate to use solitude and silence to increase their level of concentration and improve their productivity. And when it’s necessary, they’re changing environment.

    9. The habit of being passionate about winning.

    The Ultra-performers and leaders engage in 4th level actions and do not expect to see anything other than the desired outcome. And when that’s not the case, they give everything they have to give, all the time it takes to get the result.

    10. The habit of contributing to the betterment of the world.

    The reason we value high-performance leaders is that they work to make things and the world better. When working to leave the world better than we have found, we have a constant supply of energy to excel.

    11. The habit of connecting with your perfect results.

    When you develop the habit of connecting with your values ​​and your perfect results, you always find the strength to stay true to your vision and the energy needed to achieve it. Hope really makes you live. And what allows the high-performance leaders to become good is that they know how to revitalize themselves through the early contemplation of their perfect results.

    12. The habit of recharging your energy.

    The Ultra-performers and leaders use sporty exercise, healthy eating, optimized breathing, joy of living, emotional release, relaxation and optimal sleep to keep their energy levels high.

    13. The habit of borrowing secrets of winning from BIG Achievers.

    Through the study of successful people, reading personal development books, training, mentoring and coaching, high-performance leaders skillfully collect and borrow strategies that allow them to make a difference later on.

    14. The habit of accomplishing the daily miracle.

    The Ultra-performers and leaders never let a single day pass without ending up with the feeling of having achieved something exceptional. The vital miracle being in the daily miracle, they know that by doing great things every day they will succeed in building an exceptional life.

    15. The habit of using small projects to prepare yourself for Big Adventures

    The Ultra-performers and leaders use small projects and small missions, the friction with the difficulty to prepare and arm themselves mentally, emotionally and strategically to carry out delicate missions and gigantic projects that make them go down in history. They know that the opportunity to do is an artistic moment to use to go out each time a masterpiece.

    16. The habit of massive initiative.

    The Ultra-performers and leaders take a lot of initiative and engage in many projects without ever getting discouraged. They go down in history when two or three projects or initiatives end up being a resounding success.

    17. The habit of listen to others and learning from them.

    For high-performing leaders, what others say about them does not concern them. What matters to them is what they are, what they do and what they have as a result. As Koffi Olomide said, if people talk about you, it’s because they have nothing to say for themselves: no value, no importance to them – otherwise you get distracted from the excellent work. you are doing.

    18. The habit of ignoring the pains.

    High-performance leaders know that their feelings and pains do not matter. They do what they have to do to produce results that are not displeasing to themselves and displease anyone.

    19. The habit of submitting yourself to the dictatorship of the result.

    High-performing leaders do not wonder if a method is good, easy, possible or obvious. They perform the methods that the results they want to achieve impose on them.

    20. The habit of allowing yourself to be imperfect.

    High-performing leaders are able to engage in projects because they are not afraid of failure and are not afraid to be flawed. They know that they have time to perfect themselves . To make and present incomplete and imperfect things that they can complete and improve later does not pose them any challenge and is not a sin according to them.

    21. The habit of conducting your life as an integrated system.

    Ultra-performers do not neglect any aspect of their because they know that the strength of a chain rests on its weakest link and that it is not good to excel in areas of one’s life while one is careless in others.

    By Blessing Marie TAHI & Hermann H. CAKPO

    Blessing Marie TAHI is an Economist, coach and leadership specialist based in Accra, Ghana. She is the Country Manager of H&C GHAHA, member of The H&C Group. She is is also the founder of ” Successful Women” Platform, a platform she is using coach, encourage and motivate young women to be more impactful and influential in their societies. Follow her on Facebook !

    Hermann H. CAKPO is coach, co-founder of The H&C Group and author of 42 books. During the past 15 years he has coached and trained leaders, Top Managers, business executives and entrepreneurs throughout Africa (Cameroun, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Senegal, Niger, Togo, Chad, DRC…) with a real african perspective…and a pragmatic approach…

    Société Générale, African Union (AU), The World Bank/IFC, MTN, Millicom/TIGO, Sos Kindersdorf International, The World Food Program, Saham Insurance, Etisalat, Total, Diamond Bank, NSIA, Activa, Total, CFAO, ORYX ENERGIES, PUMA ENERGIES, Bayer Crops Science, Bank of Africa, AttijariWarfa Bank, Ecobank, BNP PARIBAS, Menzies are among the clients of The H&C Group…Follow him on Linkedin !


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