7 interesting messages naysayers are sending you

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7 interesting messages naysayers are sending you

If you are like most people who have big dreams, chances are you have many people around you who don’t believe you can achieve your dreams. Some of them will say and do everything to try and convince you that there is no chance for you to accomplishing your dream.

Still, they have some interesting messages that you need to listen to and that will help you along your journey toward the achievement of your dreams.

  1. “You are original”

Most naysayers and people, who don’t believe in you, will not clearly tell you that you are original. They will use strategies things to tell you the contrary. You must be used to because what you want to do is not common and they are telling you that you cannot do it.

Most of them will ask that question every foolish achiever has heard: “Who have you ever seen do such kind of things?” If no one has thought about it before, it might be original. So, you are original and it’s a good news. The next thing you will need to do is to focus and achieve the original.

  1. “You will become a game changer”

Big dreamers set new standards and trends that everybody else in their industry will be obliged to do. they don’t want to be sent out of the market. If you come up with new ideas and new ways for doing thing, the other people in your industry will fight and try to convince you that it’s not possible. They will do everything they can to discourage you because they know that if you become successful at implementing your news standards, you will change the rules of the game.


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  • This is a good motivation for you to focus and implement your ideas become if you succeed, you will become a game changer.

    1. “You are going to set the high standards for what we will be obliged to do”

    Let’s say the rule in your industry is to give the product in shop without thinking about any additional extra service or after-sales service (no delivery services, no assistance during installations or paid assistance). You come in the industry and decide to deliver and install everything with no extra charge.

    If your customers are happy with this new service, they will adopt you and even customers who used to buy from your competitors will run to your shops.

    Because your competitors don’t want to do that extra effort, they will fight you because if they let you set those new rules, they will be obliged to do the same thing for their customer if they want to keep them. Don’t be scared. Just do it if you think that this is what your customers and every customer deserve.

    1. “You are going to be dangerous for your competitors and all of us”

    I’m sorry for the number of small retailers and traditional distributors who are obliged to close their doors because of the new standards set by only giants like Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba.

    Any game changer is always a danger for people from its industry and even his neighborhood. Because when you come up with original ideas and new trends not everybody is prepared to cope with them. Therefore, they will do everything they can to prevent you from setting the new difficult-to-abide-by rules. Guess what? You can become dangerous if you focus, work hard and achieve your goals…So go for it.

    1. “It’s going to be difficult”

    If your own parents start fighting you because you have a dream and are trying to do everything to prevent you from putting yourself in an adventure, it’s not because they don’t like you. It’s because, from experience, they know that it’s going to be difficult, you are going to suffer. And since they don’t want to see you suffer, they will do everything they can to prevent you from doing what you believe you must realize.

    Please listen to them and tell them: “I know that you love me and you don’t want me to suffer. Therefore, you don’t want me to embrace my dreams. But I can promise you that the obstacles do not scare me. I’m already prepared to overcome them all”.

    If you take anything that nobody you know has done before you, it’s because they have always been scared by the inducted difficulties. Be ready to have some difficulties but don’t let them stop you.


    1. “We will fight you”

    When Sir Richard Branson decided to launch an airlines company which will compete with British Airways, everybody told him that they will crunch him down. Messages from British Airways’ side were clear that the new company will die even before its launching.

    If there was one thing Richard Branson and his Virgin Airways were ready for, it was to fight the good fight if they had to. And they have been fought but they did not die before the launching as everybody told them. So, you will be fought but if you fight and do the right thing, you won’t die. You will succeed and use your results to deny all naysayers.

    1. “If you succeed, we won’t be able to continue to say that it’s impossible”

    Never tell any dream that it’s impossible, it will answer you “I’m possible”. Impossible = I’m possible. You see? So, if you do everything to make your dream come true, they will never be impossible again.

    Remember, most people don’t want to border themselves and embrace their dreams because they can hear everybody say that it’s impossible. If you make it happen, you will help all of them believe it’s possible for them to achieve unbelievable things. So please, do them that favor. You can become the savior of  many dreamers  if you can make “impossible things” possible.

    By Blessing Marie TAHI

    Blessing Marie TAHI is an Economist, coach and leadership specialist based in Accra, Ghana. She is the Country Manager of H&C GHAHA, member of The H&C Group. She is is also the founder of ” Successful Women” Platform, a platform she is using coach, encourage and motivate young women to be more impactful and influential in their societies. Follow her on Facebook !



    1. Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha 6 October 2017 at 16 h 59 min - Reply

      CommentThe truth is that anytime or anyday you rise up to live your dreams, naysayers will come to challenge you but one thing you must do is not to allow their negativity to contaminate your positivity. Set out your plans and believe in the actualization of your dream. What you owe your naysayers is success and your success will shut them up. Thank you Marie for sharing your sagacity with us via this piece.
      – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha,
      Writer|Speaker| Human Capacity Developer| Gospel Minister

    2. Lionel ABOUDOU M. 6 October 2017 at 18 h 01 min - Reply

      Woooowo …… Awe-inspiring .
      Keep the fire burning dear Marie T.
      You could remain a woman of substance and hopefully be building a legacy for this generation and the one to come .
      I’m grateful you share this life message with me. Thank you so much Marie for the inspiration .

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