Episode 4 : How to influence without hassles

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Episode 4 : How to influence without hassles

Leadership is the simplest task even if it not the easiest.  The big challenge is the fact that most of the time we end up spending more time and energy to achieve with our people that we could achieve more easily if we could follow some simple rules and principles.

In today’s Podcast, Corneille Towendo and Hermann H. CAKPO are discussing for you the 8 rules you can follow if you want lead and influence without spending too much energy

  1. Focus on the result ; not on a situation

Every leader wants to achieve the best result and can lose his temper with any  situation that does not meet his expectations. But if you want to lead and influence without hassles, focus on what you want from people; not what you don’t like. You will always be disappointed by what you don’t like if you have to focus on it. No?

  1. Focus on your expectations; not their behaviors.

Everybody you work with may disappoint you long before you will start seeing the results you were expecting from them. And it’s when you focus on the result not the process that you end up achieving the best results with them. You will need patience for that. Most  leaders are not patient. This is why they spend too much energy on trying to fix situations instead of focusing on the result they want from people and guiding them to that result.


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    1. Focus on your attitude; not the attitude

    There is no such thing like controlling the other guy attitude. You may influence their responses. And their responses depend on your own attitude. Every attitude is a response; a response to your attitude. So if you really want to control other people attitude, what your own attitude first. The best leaders know that they are the thermostat of the average attitude within their teams. People do what they see and reply based on how they have been treated. No?

    1. Look for their qualities you can use not the qualities you want them to have

    If you have ducks would you try and transform them into eagles or you will ask yourself the best thing you can do with their qualities?

    It is not that complicated. If you want to complicate your life, try to make an eagle from a duck. But if you want to simplify your life, try and get the best you can get from your ducks. Ask yourself: “What qualities do they have that I can use for the best my organization, for them and for myself?”.

    But please, don’t send ducks to eagle school. You will misuse your energy for nothing.

    1. Tell them what you want ; not what you don’t want

    Let’s say your daughter has two gardens: the garden of her qualities and the garden of her defaults. Which of the garden would you want to see flourish? Do you mean the gardens of her qualities?

    The challenge is that most of the time, when we want to reprimand people we never talk about what we want but what we don’t. We talk about their defaults not their qualities. The consequence is that we see them continue to show their defaults. Why? Because we spend most our time talking about their defaults (feeding the garden of their defaults) instead of talking about what we want to see flourish.

    People do what you talk about. If spend most of your time talking about their defaults, they will keep on showing them. If spend most of your time talking about their qualities, they will show you more and more qualities. This is how leadership and influence work. It’s that simple.

    1. Walk your talk

    If you want people do what you always tell them, you have to be the first person to do it. Since people do what they see, it is easier to influence them by starting doing it yourself. If they see you do it successful and with excellent and admirable results, they will be motivated to do the same thing.

    Say whatever you want. Do whatever you want. But if don’t do yourself what you are expecting other, they won’t do it.

    1. Use your energy strategically

    Energy is the most valuable resources of a leader. You have to use it strategically if you don’t want to lack energy when you want it the most.

    Do you remember those days when you have all your day in front of you but you lack the energy and inspiration to handle even the easiest task?

    Guess what : you lack energy because you have misused it trying to fix situations in which you have poured more energy than necessary or which did not deserve your energy at all.

    Remember, everything deserves your attention, energy and time provides it’s the best use of your attention, energy and time.

    1. Handle every situation with your most valuable outcome in mind

    Not how your people behave and react to your instructions, whenever you need to react, please handle every situation with your most valuable purpose in mind.

    Why do you do everything ? You do it because you want to be happy, feel good and useful to the world. No? So matter what other might do to you, make sure you manage the situation to achieve your most valuable purpose: to be happy, feel good and be useful to the world. If you can handle every leadership with that outcome in mind, you will become a better leader and influence people around you without hassles.


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