Episode 3 : Questions you need to ask yourself when you think you have made it

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Episode 3 : Questions you need to ask yourself when you think you have made it

Our mission is to challenge you enough and provide you with questions and tools that will help you take your success to the next level.

In today Podcast, Hermann  H. CAKPO is ; discussing for you the 8 questions you need to ask yourself when you think you are “arrived” and that you are a successful person.

The questions may scare you…Which is a good news because you can use them to challenge yourself because as you may know, you are always able to do and achieve more than you have done and achieved so far.

  1. Am I ready to die?

If you are not ready to die today and anytime, this may be because you cannot peacefully acknowledge and testify that you have done and accomplished all you needed to do. So why won’t consider your success as a work in progress and get back to work and fix what you need to be fixed so that you could be ready to die anytime?


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    1. What if I lose everything I have achieved and built?

    The richest people in Aleppo (Syria) may have never imagined that they would lose almost everything they have achieved and built overnight. But this happened to them and can happen to anybody. The good news is that some of them can rebuild all they have lost. What about you? Could you  rebuild all you have achieved and built if you come to lose everything?

    1. Am I empty?

    You know you are empty when you know that you have given everything you have for the accomplishment of the mission you had to accomplish here on earth of the human beings, that you have used all your potential. If you discover that you can do more than what you have done and achieved, why not get back to work until you empty your full potential?

    1. What is the real value of my legacy?

    Remember: the real value of your legacy is what happens when you are no longer on earth. Put your achievements to test and check if the system you have built will continue to deliver valuable results without you. The real value of a success lays in the succession.

    1. How many leaders have I developed?

    The quality of the succession of the leader depends on how many leaders he has developed and who also have the ability to  pursue successfully  the vision and take it to the highest level possible.

    1. Have I succeeded with everybody around me?

    The big question is: do you need to succeed with everybody around you? The reality is that if you have failed with someone, you are not a success for that person. To be successful as a leader is to be successful with others and make them successful.

    1. How many records do I hold?

    Who have ever achieved anything if it is not something exceptional, a record? You don’t have to be better than anyone but if you are a true success person, you must have set and probably hit  your own records. By the way, if you have set and hit many of your own records, you would have set and hit many national and international records. If it is not the case, you may have a long way to go!

    1. Who do I compare myself to ?

    If you are a real success, you should be part of the Top 5 of your industry. What is a success if it is not a world-class success?

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