5 techniques for accelerating the speed of achieving any goal

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5 techniques for accelerating the speed of achieving any goal

How long does it take you to think about a goal or project for the first time and see yourself achieving it? One year? One month? 3 years?

One thing I’ve learnt while working to achieve my dreams is that, there is no such thing like a minimum timeframe for achieving a goal. You can achieve in 90 days what most people achieve in 3 years.

Let’s say you have a project that needs 1080 actions or mini-actions.

If you take 12 actions per day you need 90 days to complete that project (12 actions x 90 days = 1080 actions). Right?

Let’s say you take 1 action per day, you will complete the same project within 3 years (1 actions X 360 X 3 = 1080 actions).


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    People used to ask how I have been able to write and publish 38 books at the age of 36. That question is embarrassing because I may say that I don’t know and that I just do it. The good news is that I will share with you how I use to accelerate the speed of achieving my goals and dreams. And guess what, anybody can do it.

    1. Showcase the final picture to yourself

    I love the exercise of visualization. It’s more than powerful. Every day when I wake up in the morning, I use to ask myself 3 questions:

    • What is my goal?
    • How do things look like once my goal is perfectly achieved?
    • How do I feel knowing my goal is perfectly achieved?

    If you are used to visualize, you may confirm that the feeling that you have when you visualize the achievement of your goals is the same you have once you really achieve it. The sensation is the same. But the good news is, the simple act of visualizing generates an energy that drive to you the circumstances and event that accelerate the speed at which you achieve your goal. Bob Proctor says it better when he advises: “By visualizing your goals already completed you flip your mind into the frequency that contains the way it will attract to you”.

    Once I set a goal  to write and publish a book, the first think I do once I have an idea of its title is to ask my designer to suggest me  a cover. Then I start visualizing the cover, the day I will finish writing the book, the delivery, the testimonies from people who have bought and read the book.

    I get a feeling that energizes me and provide the passion to start writing the book. Remember, I do this even if I have no idea about the outline of the book.

    1. Publish the achievement of the goal

    When you publish an achievement as it is, you put yourself under pressure. This will oblige you to start working with a sense of emergency because you don’t want people to discover that what you have exposed as achievement is not one.

    One of my friends who you used to be a coach registered and paid the advance for certification program. He has started taking the course online but he needed to go to a live training before getting his certificate. Four months before I could see him not calling himself a certified coach. I asked him: “Why do you still present yourself as a non-certified coach?”

    You can imagine the answer: “I’m not certified yet and you know I have not attended that live session yet so I can’t call myself a certified coach”. Guess what: 2 years later he still has not found time to go to the live session which it is held two times every year.

    Is it a lie to call yourself a certified when you have taken all the courses and fully paid without having your certificate (paper) yet? Yes, it is a lie. But you should behave as if to put yourself under pressure and achieve your goals.

    Once I have a cover of a book I always start proclaiming that I’m an author of it. I put myself under pressure; which will force me to focus and write the book as quickly as possible and sometimes within 7 days.

    1. Outline your massive actions plan

    Do I mean that you should talk about the achievement of a goal before you have an idea of how you are going to achieve it? Yes of course.

    Most people, who achieved their goals 10 years after big achievers did it, used to say that they need to figure out every aspect of their project or goal before start talking about it. And therefore, it takes them so much time.

    All your goals have the secrets of their own achievements. You just need to sit down and visualize their achievements until you sense the feeling that you can achieve them. This is when a flow of ideas, strategies, opportunities, tools, people and resources will start driving themselves to you.

    Once you get the flow of resources, remember that you will need massive actions for massive results. Twenty actions will not be enough…You will need more…1080 actions will not be too much if you want to achieve a goal as fast as possible. Never underestimate the amount of actions you will need to take and it comes with a lot of actions.

    1. Go to work and work with a sense of emergency

    Don’t promise yourself to achieve your goal within 3 years. This is not a goal. No goal needs 3 years to be achieved. If it does, you can achieve it in a shorter timeframe if you “do something every day” and “take massive actions every day”. If everybody takes one action per week, take 3 actions per day. If they used to take 1 action per day, take 12 actions per day. This is how you will achieve in 3 months what most people achieve in 3 years.

    1. Have no excuses

    When you decide to achieve more and do more in shorter timeframe, there will come a time when you may tell yourself that you don’t need to pressure yourself that much. You may feel like success does not need that much sacrifices or sufferings.

    You know that excuses don’t build monuments. Right? So, have no excuses. The guys who invented and produced the device that you are using to read this blog post had no excuses. They endured sleepless nights, saw people leaving the offices or going to bed or dinner while they were obliging themselves to focus on the right work to achieve the good goal.

    You may decide to go to dinner, rest a little bit or go to cinema or leave your work for a little fun like most people who love excuses. But if you have to dedicate your precious time to fun and rest, there are chances that you will not be dedicating them to your most precious goals and dreams. This is how they will take longer to be achieved.

    Anytime you want to achieve a goal as fast as possible, dedicate your most precious time, energy and money to them. If you can show your goals that you prefer them and dedicate your best resources to them without excuses, they will come to reality as fast as possible.


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