4 traps that could prevent you from taking your business to the next level

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4 traps that could prevent you from taking your business to the next level

You may know it very well: discipline is what you do after you are exhausted. The same principle goes as well when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur or organization builders. Success is what you achieve once you think that you are a successful business person.

Anybody can go the extra mile, achieve better performance and even set new records and standard if he or she can make up his or her mind and continue to push himself out of the envelope. You are never done until you think that you are done. And there is always a next level for every human achievement. For you to make sure that you will continue to think out of the box and taking yourself and your dream to the next levels, you must make sure that you avoid the following traps:

  1. The achievement trap

If you are from an African village like I’m, there some basic achievement that most people consider as a success:

  • You have your own business
  • You have one or two cars and can buy a third one if you want
  • You have a job or your own business with regular monthly revenue
  • You have your own house or you can buy another one if you want

Those achievements are wonderful and are the reason many people are working nights and days. You may also say that you are successful because of those achievements. But listen: It’s not about what you have achieved. It’s about what you must achieve based on your potential and talents, based on your dream and what the most successful people are doing.

  1. The original dream trap

One thing I have learnt from the success journey of Mr. Aliko Dangote, the richest man in  Africa, is that if you want to achieve great things in life, you must revise your vision while you are working to achieve it. Most of the time, you have an idea about what you want to achieve but no idea about what it is possible. And sometimes, while pursuing your dreams, you will come to the evidence that you can do more than what you were thinking at the first place.


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  • Whenever you see that you achieved the dreams you had at the first place, please revise them and set new targets that you will work to achieve.

    1. The small thinking trap

    The most successful people I know are game changers ; which means that their way of thinking and working are completely different compared to what everybody else is doing in their environment or neighborhood.

    Whenever you catch yourself thinking like everybody think in your environment, you are falling in the small thinking trap. Because if most people along the way were big thinkers, they would be ahead of you in terms of thinking, acting and achievements.

    Walk with giants. Make sure you go with people who have the kind of thinking and dreams that scare you and call you for improvement and hard work. This is how you will continue to challenge yourself and continue to push yourself to the next level.

    1. The comparison trap

    Let’s make it clear. If you want to check if you are doing the right thing, look at your results. If your results are the kind of vision you have been starving for, you are on track.

    This said you may fall into another trap if you don’t set high standards for yourself: the comparison trap. If you say to yourself: “I’m a successful” because you are comparing yourself to the average people in your environment, you are missing the possibility to achieve what you may have the potential to achieve.

    Never compare your success to what most people have achieved. Always ask yourself: Knowing my potential and what I have achieved, what will be the next step after the next step on the journey to my “no limits” dreams?”.



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